Visual thinking gives us humanity, clarity and childlike curiosity

Hazel White's work with the NHS, helping doctors share specialist knowledge about end-of-life care during the Covid pandemic, gave her a strong sense..

Adaptation Scotland: Facing the future

The team at Adaptation Scotland noticed that, although there was an increase of information on the risks of climate change in Scotland, it was..

Twitter's historic research illustrated and animated

In 2020, Twitter UK embarked upon a research project to better understand how COVID19 affected the world. Twitter analysed millions of Tweets,..

When the going gets tough: Create

For our business and yours, this last year has been unlike any other. We have all faced new challenges and overcome new obstacles, week after week,..

You don't have to be Michelangelo

Roman Schoeneboom is a UX Design Systems Lead at a global wealth manager company, based in Zurich, and a boxfresh graduate of the Scriberia Diploma.

Animating the case for fairer tax

Fairer Share's brief to us: to create a campaign animation that would increase their reach, raise support across their digital platforms, and provide..

It taught me a new way of thinking

Richard Craig-McFeely, Business Development Lead for a large media and entertainment technology company and recent Scriberia Diploma graduate, knew..

Vision Mapping in a Virtual World

We built our business and our reputation on the magic that happens when a bunch of people get together in a room to co-create a shared vision. So,..

Creativity at Work and at Home

According to this recent Guardian article (packed full of great research), creative pursuits don't just help us find our inner calm, they help us..

After your event: How will you maximise the value of your scribing?

We want every client to maximise the value and versatility of their investment in scribing - nothing makes us happier. Whichever method of live..

Animations for social media: Collins WOTY

Collins' Word of the Year 2022 ‘Permacrisis’, a term that describes ‘an extended period of instability and insecurity’, was named Collins Word of the..

P... p... picturing penguin populations

This delightful animation, created in collaboration with the University of Oxford's science communication team at Oxford Sparks, focuses on seabirds..