Alan Turing Institute Data Science Mural

The Alan Turing Institute, named after Alan Turing who was a key figure in modern computer science and British LGBTQ+ history, is the UK's national..

Get back to the office with a bespoke mural

We've all learned a great deal about the advantages and disadvantages of working from home. And, while the commute and the coffee might be preferable..

The producer's guide to the perfect project: Illustration

Adam is the cool head at the helm of studio production, responsible for the silky smooth and timely delivery of illustrated work that meets the brief..

A visual history of fraud: An epic mural

Fraud is the eighth of nine circles of hell depicted in Dante’s Inferno, which gave lead visualiser, Donatella, plenty of inspiration to work with...

Paper view: Mondi

The mural, painted by hand on the atrium walls of the main office building, was designed to empower, engage and motivate staff from all areas of the..