Marking milestones: Evolving Cifas’ mural

In 2017, we crafted a bespoke timeline mural for Cifas, the UK’s fraud prevention service, on the walls of their reception area. The mural tells the..

A sense of Unity: Scribing Santander's new HQ

In celebration of its grand opening, Santander planned a week of activities to showcase the Milton Keynes campus to its 6,000 employees that had..

Evolution of an institution: FT Professional mural

Our aim is to help clients maximise the value of every picture we draw for them, and that's why we absolutely love an update! When teams evolve and..

Alan Turing Institute Data Science Mural

The Alan Turing Institute, named after Alan Turing who was a key figure in modern computer science and British LGBTQ+ history, is the UK's national..

Get back to the office with a bespoke mural

We've all learned a great deal about the advantages and disadvantages of working from home. And, while the commute and the coffee might be preferable..

The producer's guide to the perfect project: Illustration

Adam is the cool head at the helm of studio production, responsible for the silky smooth and timely delivery of illustrated work that meets the brief..

A visual history of fraud: An epic mural

Fraud is the eighth of nine circles of hell depicted in Dante’s Inferno, which gave lead visualiser, Donatella, plenty of inspiration to work with...

Paper view: Mondi

The mural, painted by hand on the atrium walls of the main office building, was designed to empower, engage and motivate staff from all areas of the..