How to draw... anything

As children, we instinctively recognise drawing as a powerful means of communication but as we grow older, it's often undervalued compared to writing..

Visualising Workshops: Q&A with facilitator Alison Coward

As a long-standing partner of Bracket, Scriberia have been lucky enough to have a ringside seat at many of Alison's innovative workshops, designed to..

Unlocking the Power of Visual Thinking Strategies

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Visual thinking gives us humanity, clarity and childlike curiosity

Hazel White's work with the NHS, helping doctors share specialist knowledge about end-of-life care during the Covid pandemic, gave her a strong sense..

Visualising a pandemic

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Practising the practical art of drawing

Drawing is the tool we use to express our visual thinking. And we know that when we're thinking visually - whether we're making plans, plotting..

Drawing on knowledge

Have you ever tried to draw a portrait? At the risk of stating the obvious, portraiture is a process of studying your subject, accumulating..