A sense of Unity: Scribing Santander's new HQ

Spanning eight floors, complete with an auditorium, street food market and 200m rooftop running track, Unity Place - Santander UK’s new HQ - is nothing short of impressive. What better way to welcome the team to their new home than with a vast, celebratory wall of scribing?

In celebration of its grand opening, Santander planned a week of activities to showcase the Milton Keynes campus to its 6,000 employees that had relocated from other regional offices, as well as the local community that will be using the space. 

The aim was to educate employees on what the new space has to offer and capture their imagination as they enter the building, creating a lasting legacy for the launch. 

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Our scribes arrived with pen in hand to help bring the launch event to life and capture the essence of the new space on a bespoke 4m by 2.4m freestanding wall. With some of the central imagery pre-planned around Santander's core values of "wellbeing", "opportunity" and "collaboration", the team, all that remained was to hit the wall! 

They set up shop outside the Urban Food Market, inviting employees and visitors to jot down a word on a Post-it note that described Unity Place to them.  

These words were woven into the design in real-time and, as the newest residents of Unity Place watched the scribe unfold, it sparked a real sense of excitement. Throughout the day, the wall became a focal point in the atrium and a very social media-friendly photo op, too. 

While the artwork reflected the Santander brand through its distinctive red and white colours, care was taken to emphasise the campus’ use by the broader Milton Keynes community and the other businesses in Santander's new neighbourhood.

After the event, the artwork was turned into a digital asset for use across the bank’s social channels and for further staff engagement to support the smooth transition to the new HQ.

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