Scriberia's guide to 2D animation

What is 2D animation? 2D animation is a type of animation that uses two-dimensional media and digital tools to create characters and objects that..

Remote live illustration for a 'World in Transition'

In a time of considerable tumult for industry, White&Case delivered their ‘World in Transition’ webinar series; a series of virtual talks about the..

Animation: tomorrow's cyber superheroes

Cyber security concerns us all, affecting every aspect of our lives. And, at the University of Kent's Institute of Cyber Security for Society (iCSS),..

Superheroes of science illustrated at the IoP

Since 2018 we have had the pleasure of working with our Kings Cross neighbours The Institute of Physics on some inspiring projects. Our latest..

Alan Turing Institute Data Science Mural

The Alan Turing Institute, named after Alan Turing who was a key figure in modern computer science and British LGBTQ+ history, is the UK's national..

Four award-winning animations: the DotComm Awards

What do the Church of England, the Ministry of Justice and the University of Oxford, all have in common? Well, as of today, they are all proud owners..

Scribing Google's #IamRemarkable Campaign

Self-promotion is nothing to be ashamed of. That's the message that Google hopes to spread with its new #IamRemarkable campaign. The tech giant has..

60 seconds to save the world

Back in 2015, ahead of the now-famous Paris Climate Conference, The Guardian’s multimedia team commissioned a series of five animations with the aim..

Simple, easy, efficient: Our animation process

So, take a look at our step-by-step explainer, which lifts the lid on exactly how our wonderful (and, did we mention, award-winning) animation team..

Responsible Tech at Oxford University

Whether it's mining data for profit, or the addictive influence of social media and the carbon impact of going online - advances in technology..

WFA Global Marketer Week 2022

WFA (World Federation of Advertisers) are known for their live events at scale, and so it was no surprise that their first post-pandemic Global..

Award-winning pandemic science animation

Commissioned in April 2020, our explainer animation on the science of predictive modelling was at the cutting edge of pandemic science communication.