Award-winning infographic for the NHS

Challenge Innovation and technology have radically reshaped virtually every aspect of modern life – and healthcare is no exception, opening up new..

Vision mapping unpaid work for the probation service

Challenge When the Probation Service of England and Wales became responsible for the management of the Unpaid Work Requirement (formerly known as..

World Animal Protection create a global vision

Challenge The work of World Animal Protection is complex. To get the right people on board - whether their own employees, governments, NGOs or donors..

Scriberia go OffGrid for 48 hours

If you could bottle the atmosphere at OffGrid, there would be queues around the block for it. But being on hand to capture the content of this..

Canva create a live lead-magnet mural

BETT is the world’s biggest education trade show - a global exhibition of innovation and education held in London each year. Through a dynamic..

Deloitte: 50 Years of VAT illustrated

VAT: Like it, loathe it or even fully understand it, it’s 50 years since it was introduced in the UK. To mark the occasion, Deloitte UK’s tax team..

Blue Communities research makes waves

Challenge Effectively communicating academic research to a broad audience is no easy feat but when this needs to cross borders, languages and..

RSB case study 2023

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) is a global membership organisation that exists to advance the world's economy towards a sustainable..

Westminster Foundation for Democracy

The Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) is working to strengthen democracy across the world, including widening women’s routes and..

Real research impact for OU Infographics

Founded in the late 60s, the Open University's partnership with the BBC made it a pioneer in research communication. They’ve worked with Scriberia..

Kier's k-School platform explained

Since 2007, Kier have built more than 200 new school buildings for the Department of Education. In that time they've learned that, while every site..

Exploring autism interactive infographic

Inside Our Autistic Minds was a timely and deeply moving documentary, which gave people living with autism across Britain the opportunity to tell..