Upfront and Centre: scribing women's voices

Expert speakers, compelling speeches and a gathering of great minds - all the right ingredients for an impactful event. But how can you effectively..

Scribing Deloitte’s CFO Vision Hybrid Event

Challenge Every year, Deloitte UK brings together senior finance leaders from some of the country’s largest organisations for its CFO Vision event.

Illustrating the path to conflict resolution

Challenge Effectively implementing a cultural shift within a large, well-established organisation is no simple task. For Dr. Luke Roberts of Resolve..

Visualising Workshops: Q&A with facilitator Alison Coward

As a long-standing partner of Bracket, Scriberia have been lucky enough to have a ringside seat at many of Alison's innovative workshops, designed to..

Animated scribing puts hope into action

Challenge The University of Oxford's Social Sciences Impact Conference stands as a beacon of inspiration for researchers striving to positively..

AWARDS for the NHS' Stay & Thrive campaign

As the UK’s largest employer, the National Health Service is acutely aware of the critical importance of both effective communication with, and the..

Scriberia go OffGrid for 48 hours

If you could bottle the atmosphere at OffGrid, there would be queues around the block for it. But being on hand to capture the content of this..

Canva create a live lead-magnet mural

BETT is the world’s biggest education trade show - a global exhibition of innovation and education held in London each year. Through a dynamic..

Deloitte: 50 Years of VAT illustrated

VAT: Like it, loathe it or even fully understand it, it’s 50 years since it was introduced in the UK. To mark the occasion, Deloitte UK’s tax team..

Scribing: Google's #IamRemarkable Campaign

Self-promotion is nothing to be ashamed of. That's the message that Google hopes to spread with its new #IamRemarkable campaign. The tech giant has..

WFA Global Marketer Week 2022

WFA (World Federation of Advertisers) are known for their live events at scale, and so it was no surprise that their first post-pandemic Global..

Growing our global scribing team

From the very start of the pandemic, it was clear that live events would be hard hit and, as a result, our scribing service would be, too. Not only..