Scribing Google's #IamRemarkable Campaign

Self-promotion is nothing to be ashamed of. That's the message that Google hopes to spread with its new #IamRemarkable campaign. The tech giant has..

WFA Global Marketer Week 2022

WFA (World Federation of Advertisers) are known for their live events at scale, and so it was no surprise that their first post-pandemic Global..

Growing our global scribing team

From the very start of the pandemic, it was clear that live events would be hard hit and, as a result, our scribing service would be, too. Not only..

Edie sparks new ideas: Live scribing

When it comes to issues of climate, energy, the environment and sustainability, we all know there's no time to waste. The thoughts of leaders and..

Racing to success with FIA 2021 Conference

The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile or FIA's annual conference is never a dull affair. Like our very Monte Carlo Grand Prix, we mark it on..

The event professional's guide to coping with uncertainty

After more than a year of lockdown, planning ahead has become something of a lost art. When you don't know what rules and restrictions lie in the..

Create virtual events that crush "attention slam"

"We need to address that issue of participant engagement," says Chris Elmitt, MD of event tech provider, Crystal Interactive, and one of our recent ..

How has the pandemic shaped the future of events?

Scriberia has been a part of the live event industry for a decade or more and, like so many businesses, we’ve had to roll with the punches that this..

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After your event: How will you maximise the value of your scribing?

We want every client to maximise the value and versatility of their investment in scribing - nothing makes us happier. Whichever method of live..

The power of persuasion

One of the main benefits of a YCN membership is undoubtedly their eclectic programme of events, courses and bespoke learning partnerships with..

On the buses

Thousands of visitors from all over the world attend Euro Bus Expo. It’s where the bus and coach sector sets trends and shapes future developments...