Visualising a pandemic

This year we all became fluent in the new, universal visual language of Coronavirus. That spiky little ball, the worrying upwards trajectory of..

Practising the practical art of drawing

Drawing is the tool we use to express our visual thinking. And we know that when we're thinking visually - whether we're making plans, plotting..

The new normal: remote scribing

Live events and the capture of real-life conversations have always been the mainstay of our work. From the very beginning of Scriberia, a decade ago,..

When the world works remotely

2020 saw businesses all over the world make the sensible adjustments to protect their workforce and operations: encouraging staff to work from home,..

Brewdog raises the bar on sustainability

BrewDog are something of a rockstar brand in the British brewing industry, and they take seriously their responsibility to lead by example when it..

Drawing on knowledge

Have you ever tried to draw a portrait? At the risk of stating the obvious, portraiture is a process of studying your subject, accumulating..

Out-of-this-world illustrations

In a rapid-fire workshop session, senior visualiser and Scriberia’s resident physics nerd, Matt, and a team from the IOP set about sketching out the..

Think like a rainforest

There are lots of great things about working at Scriberia. But for a bunch of curious people like us, the best thing is surely the opportunity to..

Protect the antarctic

In the run-up to a crucial conference on the future of the Antarctic seas, Greenpeace commissioned an animation that would help to highlight the..

Amazing mechanobiology made visible

We seldom think about our own bodies as staggering feats of mechanical engineering. But, whether we're running for the bus or pumping the blood..

Visualising our natural treasures

Europe contains natural treasures that provide endless inspiration, excitement, and enjoyment as well as supporting much of its economy. The..

Ditching the script with KELLYOCG

We love it when companies come to us wanting to take a leap. So when the team at KellyOCG told us they’d be doing just that at the 2019 CWS Summit..