Simple, easy, efficient: Our animation process

For the uninitiated, commissioning an animation can be a daunting prospect. But Scriberia's simple process makes it easy, efficient and enjoyable. Ensuring our team delivers exactly what you need, on time, every time.

So, take a look at our step-by-step explainer, which lifts the lid on exactly how our wonderful (and, did we mention, award-winning) animation team gets to grips with your content, develops your story, creates your very own bespoke animated video. 

Animation producer Karen Sonego says: "We realise that a lot of our processes, as animators, are unfamiliar to many of our clients who are experts in their own fields but have never commissioned an animation before.

"This video is a great first step in demystifying it all. We keep things simple, easy and efficient, every step of the way."

There is no such thing as a subject too complex or too serious to tackle through animation. We've explained everything from quantum physics, to pension schemes, to the history of the domestic cat. Honestly, just try us! We love a challenge!

And, if you want to find out more about the animations we make, visit our animation page, where you'll find examples galore to inspire you. Or contact us, using the button below...  

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