Scriberia's guide to 2D animation

Charming, stylish, flexible, not to mention fast, affordable and practical, 2D animation has helped millions of brands, businesses, teams and organisations reach new audiences. And, at Scriberia's award-winning animation studio, in London, we've helped many to do just that.

What is 2D animation?Matt W&C-1

2D animation is a type of animation that uses two-dimensional media and digital tools to create characters and objects that appear to move or on a two-dimensional plane.

Isn't 2D animation a little... flat?

Not at all. Ironically, it's the very opposite. Because of the total flexibility you have in the way you tell a story via 2D animation, it's easy for us to create pace, surprise, contrast, and emotion if that's what your content requires. Many of our animations are very simply designed, and are all the stronger for it. But, simplicity is just one option. In the hands of our award-winning team, 2D animations can still evoke a strong sense of space, place and perspective. And, as the video below shows, it's a challenge we never tire of exploring. 


Why do so many brands favour 2D animation, over 3D?

2D animation is a popular choice for brands (like Twitter, check out our case study) because it enables them to create cost-effective yet highly stylised video content, in line with their brand, without the need to compromise on creativity. Working in 2D, we can craft engaging stories and bring characters to life; focusing on the quality of our visual storytelling and how it reaches and resonates with your target audience. 

200811_Twitter_GIF_Creativity_Unleashed2D animation is a great choice for projects that require a creative approach. With 2D animation, you can create unique visuals, effects and transitions that are not achievable with standard video production: You can set your story in any real or imagined, invisible or virtual landscape; you can show microscopic scale in glorious detail, just as easily as you can depict the entire universe.

"You are not constrained by the practicalities of video, nor the complexities and costs of 3D rendering and lighting calculations, " says Scriberia's director of storytelling, Rachel Porter. "There is nothing that you can imagine that you cannot depict through 2D animation. You are free to find the best way to tell your story, and watch it come to life."

"There is nothing that you can imagine that you cannot depict through 2D animation.  You are free to find the best way to tell your story, and watch it come to life."
Rachel Porter, Director of Storytelling

How quickly can Scriberia produce a 2D animation?

We're pretty quick! We have developed a really robust process for ensuring that projects run smoothly to time and budget, without compromising on the quality of our output. If you want to know a little more about how we do it, take a look at this short video on our animation process - it takes you through it step by step. Head to our animation page to discover all there is to know about our latest work and our happy clients. 


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