Scribing: Google's #IamRemarkable Campaign

We sent a trio of remarkable Scriberian women to create a live illustration of the inspirational content of a live and in-person workshop for Google in Zurich. Google's #IamRemarkable campaign creates a space in which the achievements of women and other underrepresented groups, in the workplace and beyond, can be celebrated.

Self-promotion is nothing to be ashamed of. That's the message that Google hopes to spread with its new #IamRemarkable campaign. The tech giant has identified that, amongst women and other underrepresented minorities, there is a reluctance to talk about, let alone celebrate, accomplishments. 

Whether it's a cultural expectation of modesty, or a persistent case of imposter syndrome, the achievements we should all be shouting about are barely mentioned at all. And so, to mark the launch of their #IamRemarkable campaign, ahead of #IamRemarkable Week in September (more of which below), they hosted one of what will be many workshops that promotes a louder, prouder approach. And our team were there, in Zurich, to capture a really positive and dynamic live workshop session through scribing, our live illustration service. 

Google's #IamRemarkable Week runs (for not quite a week) from September 28th to 30th, and is the climax of a month-long schedule of workshops all over the world. For individuals and employers alike, it's well worth taking a look at Google's #IamRemarkable portal to discover more about what's happening, who's contributing and how participation could benefit you. 

After all, as you'll see from the images of the content we captured, we all plenty to celebrate. 

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