Responsible Tech at Oxford University

This new animation for the University of Oxford marks the launch of The Reponsible Technology Institute - a centre of excellence to enhance and promote understanding of the complex ethical, social and environmental responsibilities that come with technological breakthroughs.

Whether it's mining data for profit, or the addictive influence of social media and the carbon impact of going online - advances in technology continually reshape our world, and often in ways we don't expect. 

This charming animation explains the urgent need for responsible technology - and for the new Responsible Technology Institute, a centre of excellence at the University of Oxford. There, scientists will aim to untangle the complex web of consequences in a world that is increasingly counting the cost of technological progress. They'll raise awareness of the importance of responsible tech, and help others to develop tech in our collective best interest. 

Professor Marina Jirotka, Director of the Responsible Technology Institute says: “The Responsible Technology Institute aims to ensure that those developing the businesses, innovations and laws of the future will have a comprehensive understanding of some of the challenges and complexities that technology can bring and how Responsible Innovation can help address these.”


While we love to share our finished animations - which can be found if you scroll down - it's also nice to lift the lid on the care and craft that goes into each one. So, in the gallery below you'll see a little of our process: our team storyboarding, Scriberia style, on the walls of our London studio; a digitised storyboard; and early-stage development of the animation's style. Then, in the short clip that follows, a timelapse screen-capture from one of our animators, hard at work. 

And finally, the finished animation: 



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