A sense of Unity: Scribing Santander's new HQ

In celebration of its grand opening, Santander planned a week of activities to showcase the Milton Keynes campus to its 6,000 employees that had..

HarperCollins: A Decade of Creative Partnership

Since 2013 we have had the privilege of working with global publishing house HarperColllins, supporting the reference division in its mission to..

Evolution of an institution: FT Professional mural

Our aim is to help clients maximise the value of every picture we draw for them, and that's why we absolutely love an update! When teams evolve and..

Diploma grad's vision of sustainable farming

“We say that a picture is worth 1,000 words,” says Diana Giraldo. “And that is never truer than in the work we do.”

Illustrating the path to conflict resolution

Challenge Effectively implementing a cultural shift within a large, well-established organisation is no simple task. For Dr. Luke Roberts of Resolve..

Visualising Workshops: Q&A with facilitator Alison Coward

As a long-standing partner of Bracket, Scriberia have been lucky enough to have a ringside seat at many of Alison's innovative workshops, designed to..

Animated scribing puts hope into action

Challenge The University of Oxford's Social Sciences Impact Conference stands as a beacon of inspiration for researchers striving to positively..

AWARDS for the NHS' Stay & Thrive campaign

As the UK’s largest employer, the National Health Service is acutely aware of the critical importance of both effective communication with, and the..

Animations for social media: Collins WOTY

Collins' Word of the Year 2023 2023 marked Scriberia's tenth year as Collins' creative partner for their Word of the Year campaign. And it was the..

Pictures help pave the way to a scientific career

The Academy of Medical Sciences is the independent and expert voice of biomedical research in the UK. It supports medical academics and researchers..

Network Rail: Mapping the climate challenge

To secure their future in the face of climate change, businesses need to prioritise adaptability and building resilience. As one of the UK’s largest..

Award finalists: infographic for NHS Horizons

Challenge Innovation and technology have radically reshaped virtually every aspect of modern life – and healthcare is no exception, opening up new..