P... p... picturing penguin populations

This delightful animation, created in collaboration with the University of Oxford's science communication team at Oxford Sparks, focuses on seabirds..

Think like a rainforest

There are lots of great things about working at Scriberia. But for a bunch of curious people like us, the best thing is surely the opportunity to..

Protect the antarctic

In the run-up to a crucial conference on the future of the Antarctic seas, Greenpeace commissioned an animation that would help to highlight the..

Amazing mechanobiology made visible

We seldom think about our own bodies as staggering feats of mechanical engineering. But, whether we're running for the bus or pumping the blood..

A century of maternity protection

100 years ago the International Labour Organisation adopted the first ever convention on maternity protection. It recognised that a working mother..

Dream brief is cream of the crop

The Crop Trust is dedicated to preserving crop diversity, by storing millions pieces of crop DNA, in vast, secure genebanks. It's a mind-blowingly..