The producer's guide to the perfect project: Animation

So, you're thinking of commissioning an animation? Then you need to speak to senior producer, Karen Sonego, to find out how to get this exciting new project off to a flying start.

Karen's in charge of our super-slick animation process, to ensure the timely delivery of the highest quality creative work, every time. 

What do I need to know before commissioning an animation?

Before you commission your animation, you'll need to ask yourself a few important questions: Who is your audience? What do you need to tell them? How and where will you use the finished animation? What is your budget? Do you have a deadline? And, who are the stakeholders in this project? Whose sign-off will you need at every stage to keep things moving forward? It’s also useful to have a think about anything that inspires you and that you might want to share with us as inspiration.

What is the first step in the animation process?

The briefing call is the foundation for the whole project. We need the stakeholders, the animators, the scriptwriter and me, the producer. The aim of the conversation is to put everyone on the same page. Our team will ask you A LOT of questions until we're totally sure that we understand the story you want to tell.
You can ask us a lot of questions, too, of course. As well as giving us your thoughts on style and tone.
It's absolutely vital that we have all of your key decision-makers in there from the start. So this is the call where everyone comes together and agrees where we're going and how we're getting there. 

I’ve seen something I like. Can you recreate it?

It can be useful to share examples of things you’ve seen that you like, and we also often share examples of animations we’ve done in the past: it might be something on the same subject or something that might have a similar look and feel. Don't expect to see exactly what you're looking to achieve - your animation will be bespoke; unique! Every project has its own look and identity. Our team has a lot of experience getting this right, so you can trust their process.

How long do animations take to produce? 

Animation is not a quick process. If you're on a very tight deadline - like "I need it next week!" - then animation probably isn't the right creative route for you. But if you have the time, it's well worth the wait.
From scripting to storyboarding, to adding movement and transitions: every step enriches the finished product, but all of these things take time. 
Some animation styles are a little quicker to produce than others, so that might be something you want to take into account if time is of the essence. But, because every animation we produce is bespoke, they all have their own timelines. 

Are there any potential pitfalls?

We understand that a lot of our clients will not have been through an animation process before, so we're ready to guide you. We've made our process clear and simple. It's designed to help you understand where things are up to, every step of the way. 
For it to work, we need our clients to commit to that process. We need you to give feedback and approval at crucial points along the way - and to understand that any changes you make to after that may affect your timings and costs. That's why it's so important that key stakeholders are fully involved in the process, right the way through. 

Do I need to come with a script?

The short answer is no. Our team includes expert scriptwriters, who can create the script after the briefing call.

What if you’re not experts in my field?

The chances are we’re not! But that’s one of our strengths. Starting with little knowledge of your particular subject allows us to develop our understanding of it from the ground-up, starting with what might seem like really basic questions. This really helps us to create an animation with a rock-solid understanding of the facts. 

How do I get the ball rolling?

Just get in touch, and we'll make it happen. We can't wait to get started. 


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