Amazing mechanobiology made visible

Animation is the perfect medium for telling stories about actions and objects invisible to the naked eye. For this project, mechanobiologists from the University of Oxford wanted to visualise the extraordinary array of mechanical functions that our perfectly engineered bodies perform around the clock.

We seldom think about our own bodies as staggering feats of mechanical engineering. But, whether we're running for the bus or pumping the blood around our vascular systems, our bodies are hard at work all the time, which puts the self-repairing mechanical marvels that are our physical selves under constant and considerable strain. 

Working with Oxford's mechanobiologists, our team had great fun in finding the perfect sporting visual metaphors to accurately describe the processes that occur out of sight, under our skin; reimagining these complex cellular behaviours as a game of tennis, weightlifting or trampolining. As always, these fun, visual explanations make it easer for non-scientists of all ages to grapple with these complex concepts, allowing Oxford Sparks to showcase the value of this fascinating, new research. 

According to Science Communicator, Fiona Jones, "Our response to the animation was that people love how relatable and original it is, with such a great concept of the body as a gym. I always love seeing with Scriberia come up with." 

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