Dropps Laundry detergent: here comes the science bit

From face creams, to toothpastes, to bathroom cleaners, when manufacturers want to explain the science behind their products, animation has long been the medium of choice. If you need to show any process that is invisible to the naked eye - involving, perhaps, bacteria, particles, or cells - animation is the answer. Working with Scriberia's animators, Dropps laundry detergent took that tried and tested formula and gave it a twist.

The laundry detergent commercial is a well-established genre, never straying too far from the old cliches of babies splattered in puree, kids in muddy football kit, and exasperated mums with furrowed brows. But when laundry detergent brand, Dropps, asked us to animate the problem of "permastink", we knew it was a project with a difference.

Combining humour with animated science, and a good dollop of quirk, Dropps wanted to communicate the icky issue of "permastink" - the lingering stench of sweaty bacteria that clings to well-worn workout wear. 

And, when it came to explaining exactly how Dropps work their magic, the brand turned to our animation team to create a simple yet stylish visual explanation, giving "the science bit" a look as fresh as the product itself. With five different enzymes attacking the bacteria trapped between fabric fibres, permastink is a thing of the past. 

Check out both of the quirky campaign videos and click here to explore some of the latest projects from our animation team. 

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