Animating the case for fairer tax

The Fairer Share campaign is proposing a shake-up of the current property tax system, in favour of what they believe to be a fairer approach. They say replacing both council tax and stamp duty with a single “proportional property tax” could benefit 18 million households.

Fairer Share's brief to us: to create a campaign animation that would increase their reach, raise support across their digital platforms, and provide a powerful asset for supporters to use when contacting MPs ahead of the 2021 Budget.

They say:

"We needed an original creative asset that would have a real impact online, and help us to explain our mission with clarity. It was also critical that it could be delivered to a tight deadline, enabling us to share it ahead of the 2021 Budget.
"Scriberia exceeded our expectations on all counts. Their interpretation of the brief was spot-on, their project management was exceptional, and the iterative feedback process was efficient and painless.
"It resulted in an animation of which we can all be proud; one which perfectly captures the tone of fairness and wisdom that we were striving for. We felt, from start to finish, we were in very safe hands.”

Andrew Dixon, Fairer Share, Chairman

Screenshot 2021-02-26 at 14.29.54We say:

"Animation has the power to convey a lot of information quickly and simply, and is a particularly effective tool for campaign awareness. When you want to grab the attention of an online audience, animation is proven to perform well. It also gives you the opportunity to dive into the world of metaphor, which can be especially useful when you're explaining something complex or dry.


"Here, we used a train metaphor to demonstrate the campaign's central message: that we are currently 'on track' to a more unbalanced and unfair tax system, and that urgent action is needed to change tracks and take the property tax system in a fairer direction.
"We used the Fairer Share brand colours and incorporated an inky brush and paper texture, which lends it a learned tone, with the gravitas and authority of an editorial illustration." 

Amy Wolfe, Creative Director, Scriberia

Learn more about the campaign, as well as how to get involved, here. 

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