Paper view: Mondi

Mondi lead the way as creators of sustainable packaging and paper solutions. At their paper mill in the heart of Štětí, Czech Republic, Scriberia's visualisers installed a series of bespoke murals which captured the company's proud history, their vision, their strategy, their future goals and their place in the community. The results were spectacular.

The mural, painted by hand on the atrium walls of the main office building, was designed to empower, engage and motivate staff from all areas of the business, by connecting them with the Mondi story.Mondi 2

We say:

At the very beginning of the project, producer, Adam, and creative director, Lauren, visited the site to get a feel for the company and the area. They workshopped ideas with the Mondi team before returning to the studio to tease out the core narrative and sketch up a design that would span six walls within Mondi's main office building. 

During the design phase, the Scriberia team worked first in English, and then with the Czech translation, which added a layer of complexity to the process. Language aside, the content itself was far from simple, either - but that's what made it ideal for the Scriberian treatment. 

     IMG_8718     IMG_4058

Once the design had been finalised, we found a Czech supplier to provide us with gallons of paint in the perfect shade of Mondi orange, and dispatched a team of three visualisers to make the design a reality. 

It took them four very long and tiring days to complete the mural, which covered several huge expanses of wall where it could be seen by office staff, factory workers and visitors alike.

It was such a fantastic opportunity for us to design and install a workplace mural on this scale and a privilege to do it for the wonderfully passionate team we met in at Mondi Steti. We sent a videographer to capture our process - you can see the results below. 

They say:

“We had seen Scriberia’s work at various conferences around the world and we liked the design and the way they summarise key messages. We thought they could help us to tell our story as well. We were really impressed at how curious and interested the artists were about the work we do, what matters to us, what messages we want to share with people and how they could bring it to life for us.”


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