Bridge the gap: Make complex research accessible

Working out how best to communicate complex ideas is an increasingly important and challenging part of a researcher’s remit. After all, the true..

A new perspective on postpartum anxiety

Challenge When researchers at The University of Liverpool discovered that postpartum anxiety was being inaccurately measured by tools designed for..

Animations deliver instant confidence boost to frontline NHS

Challenge With one in four children overweight when starting primary school, tackling childhood obesity is one of the greatest long-term health..

Explainer animation: MRC Toxicology Unit

From the food we eat, to the medication we take, to the air we inhale, every day we’re exposed to chemicals that can seriously impact our health.

HarperCollins: A Decade of Creative Partnership

Since 2013 we have had the privilege of working with global publishing house HarperColllins, supporting the reference division in its mission to..

Animated scribing puts hope into action

Challenge The University of Oxford's Social Sciences Impact Conference stands as a beacon of inspiration for researchers striving to positively..

Animations for social media: Collins WOTY

Collins' Word of the Year 2023 2023 marked Scriberia's tenth year as Collins' creative partner for their Word of the Year campaign. And it was the..

Network Rail: Mapping the climate challenge

To secure their future in the face of climate change, businesses need to prioritise adaptability and building resilience. As one of the UK’s largest..

Clear comms to serve a 21st century MoD

In today's connected world, the Army's Land Cyber team are working hard to exploit new technologies, and counter new and emerging threats. Their work..

Blue Communities research makes waves

Challenge Effectively communicating academic research to a broad audience is no easy feat but when this needs to cross borders, languages and..

Kier's k-School platform explained

Since 2007, Kier have built more than 200 new school buildings for the Department of Education. In that time they've learned that, while every site..

Scriberia's guide to 2D animation

What is 2D animation? 2D animation is a type of animation that uses two-dimensional media and digital tools to create characters and objects that..