When the world works remotely

Virtual meetings, presentations and conferences are now the norm for many of us. But how can you ensure your remote meetings lead to real-world results? We’ve got a few ideas…

2020 saw businesses all over the world make the sensible adjustments to protect their workforce and operations: encouraging staff to work from home, cutting down on non-essential travel, and relocating face-to-face meetings online. Of course, it’s because of recent advances in technology that remote working, on this scale, is possible. But how do you make sure it’s truly effective? How do you pack the same punch in your presentation and ensure the conversations that matter are captured, shared and acted upon - just as they would be in the real world?


For several years we’ve offered a remote digital scribing service; developed in response to a rising demand for a high quality remote meeting and virtual conference experiences. With a live video or audio feed from the event, our brilliant team of scribes can capture your content from their own homes, now that our own remote working policy has kicked in.

Impactful, stylish and highly shareable, remote digital scribing offers a live experience for all of your virtual attendees, wherever they are in the world. It results in a powerful visual summary that makes ideas tangible in a virtual world. So, when travel plans are on hold, but your business needs to keep moving, add remote digital scribing to your plans.

Take a look at this short film to find out how remote digital scribing can help you:

For maximum visual impact and virtual engagement at your next event, download our new eBook, Virtual Visuals: Scriberia's Guide to Getting it Right.