Brewdog raises the bar on sustainability

BrewDog’s new sustainability initiative tackles the important issue of reducing their carbon footprint. They came to us looking for an illustration that visualised this new manufacturing process.

BrewDog are something of a rockstar brand in the British brewing industry, and they take seriously their responsibility to lead by example when it comes to the company’s environmental impact. Their BrewDog Tomorrow initiative aims to make their brewing processes as sustainable as possible. And, central to this is something called an anaerobic digestor. 

It’s a pretty technical and complex system, which allows BrewDog to convert wastewater into products that can be reused in the brewing process. A nifty bit of kit, but according to Sarah Warman, VP Brand Strategy at BrewDog: “It’s not something most people would want to spend time reading about!”. BrewDog needed a way to describe this crucial and complex process that was “engaging and fun to learn about”.

03.07.20_1952BREW_ANAEROBIC+DIGESTOR+_V3_CWYou might be surprised to hear how much time we spend drawing manufacturing machinery at Scriberia. But pictures are the perfect way to convey complex processes, quickly and simply. To describe them with words alone - particularly to a lay audience - would be almost impossible.

For BrewDog, our visualisers produced a variety of different visual styles depicting this new sustainable process. Our simple, hand-drawn initial sketches captured the tone BrewDog were looking for. So, the final artwork retained that quality, but used a bolder line, for added clarity and definition. We also produced an alternative version with a splash of colour.


At the heart of the visual sits the BrewDog brewery, with the individual elements of the brewing process around it. By visualising this process, BrewDog have made it easy to see how each element interconnects, and where the new anaerobic digestor sits within the whole process.

On working with Scriberia, Sarah says: “Scriberia were incredibly receptive to the brief, interrogating just the right elements to nail down what opportunities there were to produce something really effective.

“As a team, we’re quite limited on time, and during lockdown it’s been even tougher to manage workloads and capacity. But Scriberia made it super simple and easy to discuss our requirements. No long-winded vanity sessions just focused discussion of the problem at hand and creative solutions.”

"It’s been a great help in communicating our vision and I am sure if we’d just described it using words, we never would have had quite the same effect!"

Sarah Warman, VP Brand Strategy at Brewdog

The finished artwork has already proved its value, as Sarah explains: “It’s been a great help in communicating our vision for the anaerobic digestor, and I am sure if we’d just described it using words, we never would have had quite the same effect. It’s a pretty detailed process we’re introducing, so outlining it in this way enables our community to understand what we’ve invested in and see the benefit.”

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