Scribing a hiring blueprint for the scientific community

The Academy of Medical Sciences invited us to their virtual panel on research culture and hiring practices, with the aim of using scribing to share their blueprint for the future.

The Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) is an independent medical body with the mission of advancing biomedical and health research in the UK. Scriberia have worked with AMS on a number of occasions, but this latest event marked our first digital collaboration.

They held a panel discussion on research culture and hiring practices within the science community, with the aim of creating a blueprint for the future. Blueprints are, of course, visual guides to future plans, so digital scribing was the obvious medium of choice. 


This provided AMS with a unique digital asset that they could utilise post-event. The Academy of Medical Sciences’ programme officer, Dr. Elizabeth Benedikz, says: “We do a lot of events or panel discussions where people are sharing personal stories and journeys. It can be quite hard to capture that in a written document. In a formal write-up, we don't seem so able to capture people’s attention and give them the advice they’re looking for with the same power that visuals can.

"Usually, if you miss an event, it also means you’ve missed out on the content, but with visual notes, we’re able to keep sharing the content."

Dr. Elizabeth Benedikz, Programme Officer, Academy of Medical Sciences 

“The virtual process was great. The scribe was able to meet the speakers ahead of time and I didn’t feel like I had to do any extra work to set it up. It felt like I just invited someone along to a zoom call and then I got a perfect visual summary of my event! I sent the speakers the finished scribing and the reactions were incredibly positive across the board.” 

acd med

Following the panel discussion, AMS shared the visual across their media channels. Elizabeth explains: “Engagement on Twitter was fantastic - from people who weren’t even at the event.
"We’re also using it on our website in multiple places, so that asset from a one-off event keeps on giving. Usually, if you miss an event, it also means you’ve missed out on the content, but with scribing, the content stays alive and shareable for a long time afterwards."

She concludes: “Working with Scriberia was a really easy and smooth process. They produced a fanastic piece of work that captured the discussion perfectly. We’re keen to work with Scriberia in the future - really any time we host an event to share advice and tips with our community.
"I’ve recommended Scriberia to contacts and colleagues and would definitely continue to in the future."

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