Award-winning pandemic science animation

We're delighted to have been awarded a silver medal at this year's Corporate Content Awards Europe for our explainer animation on the science of predictive modelling in a pandemic.

Commissioned in April 2020, our explainer animation on the science of predictive modelling was at the cutting edge of pandemic science communication.

Researchers from the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, the National Institute for Health Research and the Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis were seeking to explain to the public the science behind the national pandemic response.

Through University of Oxford’s public engagement platform, Oxford Sparks, they asked our team to create a short explainer animation. The aim: to visualise how past data would be used to shape the global response to COVID-19, at a time when misinformation was spreading as rapidly as the virus itself. Take a look.

"It was fantastic to be able to produce this animation so early on in the COVID-19 pandemic when people had countless questions not only about the virus itself but also about how decisions on control measures were made," says Dr Fiona Suttle, Research Communication Officer at Oxford Sparks.

"The scientific expertise of Christl and Emmanuelle, the statistical epidemiologists at the University of Oxford, combined with the creative flair of Scriberia, meant that we were able to produce an accessible, engaging piece of content that people knew they could trust.

We've been really pleased to see that the animation reached beyond our usual follower-base, and we shall continue to share it into the future."

CCA 2022_Winner_Silver_oxford sparks covid19 animation



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