Ditching the script with KELLYOCG

KellyOCG are global providers of workforce strategy, solutions and operations in every aspect of the talent supply chain. As their trusted partners, Scriberia were challenged to design some seriously next-level digital scribing at the launch of a brand new marketing strategy.

We love it when companies come to us wanting to take a leap. So when the team at KellyOCG told us they’d be doing just that at the 2019 CWS Summit for HR and procurement professionals, we were delighted to help.

Scriberia+Kelly+OCG+digital+scribingLaunching a new marketing strategy, #ditchthescript, the team at KellyOCG aimed to liberate people from legacy thinking and outdated stereotypes in their recruitment, encouraging them to embrace all styles of working instead. So it seemed more than fitting to devise an installation that combined the best of traditional and digital scribing to engage delegates and ensure KellyOCG stood out from the crowd.

We worked closely with the team to develop a booth design that incorporated a video wall, on which we created a digital scribe, overlaid with clear perspex to allow the additional of hand-drawn elements. This allowed a spontaneous interplay between digitally and traditionally scribed elements, and maximum impact.

We say:

KellyOCG wanted us to meet their brief with a truly original concept to reflect their own fresh thinking. We created the concept “Wonderland of Work”, marrying freeform and abstract collage elements to create bright and unusual scenes that played with scale and style. We coordinated each artwork with breaks in the event schedule, to encourage repeat visits from attendees throughout the summit. We think the result is pretty special.

They say:

Screenshot 2020-11-30 at 15.33.45

Screenshot 2020-11-30 at 15.34.07


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