The power of persuasion

At Scriberia, we know that the key to keeping ideas fresh and innovative is to learn from and collaborate with other creative minds. Always keen to widen our circle of innovative thinkers, we became members of YCN (You Can Now); an ever-growing community of creatively minded organisations and visual thinkers.

One of the main benefits of a YCN membership is undoubtedly their eclectic programme of events, courses and bespoke learning partnerships with inspiring industry leaders. Our scribe, Lauren, recently went along to the Power of Persuasion morning session, where author of The Power of Soft, Hilary Gallo, director of new business consultancy, GunPowder, Lucy Mann, and speechwriter at The Department for Transport, Ben Ludlow, discussed how best to bring people round to your way of thinking. Check out what they had to say in this series of digital sketchnotes.






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