Edie sparks new ideas: Live scribing

As COP26 approached, Edie, a purpose-driven business media brand that empowers the sustainability, energy and environmental sectors, kicked off a series of events that would bring industry leaders together to share their ideas. Scriberia's live scribing team were there to capture them all.

When it comes to issues of climate, energy, the environment and sustainability, we all know there's no time to waste. The thoughts of leaders and innovators in this space have never been more important. 

And so it was in this spirit, that Edie, a purpose-driven media company, focused squarely on the issue of sustainable business, chose to capture the content of a series of live events through scribing

They began in London in October with Climate Action Workshops, before their Net Zero Live event in Birmingham in November. And most recently, Calum - who has been their scribe throughout - caught up with them back in London for their Sustainability Leaders Forum, which brought together more than 600 experts in the field. 

The result for Edie: a truly comprehensive and coherent visual record of the content that emerged from their community at this crucial time.

Their hand-drawn artworks were digitised and turned into shareable visual assets packed with valuable takeaways and points of action. They were shared with all who attended and many other stakeholders. 

Content that really matters, scribed live and shared widely. 

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