Vodafone Makes the World of Difference

Transforming an internal, virtual event into an engaging experience is no easy undertaking. See how we helped leading telecommunications company, Vodafone to engage and inspire their online audience and showcase their commitment to sustainability.


For the launch of its new ‘Make the World of Difference’ initiative, Vodafone held an ‘All hands’ meeting for its global brand teams. The aim of the event was to highlight what the telecoms company is doing for sustainability and customer experience, to strengthen relationships with its brand teams and to get actionable pledges to create a better impact for customers and the planet. With a highly creative audience, the need to inspire, connect and unify them through the use of visuals was key. 

Vodafone make the world of difference


The day event was live-streamed by Cheerful TwentyFirst, a brand experience agency, from a London studio to more than 400 senior managers, account executives and creative agency teams across the globe - from Italy to Iceland to Qatar. 

Throughout, our team of scribes worked remotely to meticulously capture the output of the sessions, keynote speeches and Q&As, using Vodafone’s distinct colour palette of red and white. The artwork was shared with the audience at strategic intervals, allowing them to witness it take shape in real-time and amplifying the overall event experience.

It also captured the brand teams’ commitments to making a positive difference, including, ‘I pledge to help make the planet a less scary place for young people’ and ‘I pledge to better understand our customer culture, behaviours and the macro forces impacting them’. 


Vodafone crops

The dynamic use of live scribing helped create a compelling event that brought the brand community together and powerfully demonstrated Vodafone’s commitment to sustainability, illustrating how it can turn challenges into opportunities and paving the way for a brighter future. 

Post-event, the final artwork was shared with attendees to serve as a reminder of the event, the inspiring content and the pledges that were made. It has also been printed and prominently displayed in offices across the globe. 


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