Drawing the path to a sustainable bioeconomy

It was a joy to join the Roundtable for Sustainable Biomaterials' annual conference for the second year running, to digitally scribe the extraordinary efforts of their members to create a sustainable bioeconomy.

The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) is a global membership organisation that exists to advance the world's economy towards a sustainable future. Keen to build on the success of our partnership the year before, RSB invited us to join their flagship event for a second time - a fully-virtual four-day programme for their global stakeholders - to capture a wealth of insights on delivering on the promise of a sustainable bioeconomy. 


Key to the success of these events is maintaining the engagement of their virtual audience across the four-day programme. And having the output of their sessions remotely recorded by our visualisers is a great way to achieve this. 

We scribed throughout the streamed virtual sessions, sharing our work in progress, as the content built towards RSB's stated goals. From this illustrated content we created a video animation for the RSB to share on social media, giving the conference content a wider audience and a greater value to the organisation. The final artwork serves a dual purpose of documenting this important event, and delivering their values to new audiences online. 

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