On the buses

Back when we were kids, we'd never have imagined that we'd be paid to graffiti a bus. But, commercial vehicle manufacturer, Scania had a vision...

Thousands of visitors from all over the world attend Euro Bus Expo. It’s where the bus and coach sector sets trends and shapes future developments. During the three days of the Euro Bus Expo 2018, our team got busy scribing key messages on the pristine white panels of a Scania coach.

We say:

Before the doors opened, we prepared a framework for our work using the main themes of performance, partnerships, innovation and sustainability, which we filled with content as the event progressed.

The bus proved to be a real attraction for visitors, drawing many people back to the the Scania stand each day to monitor our progress. 

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They say:

“At an event like this, visitors often come to your stand once, but won’t come back again. We knew if we had something interesting for three days that it would bring us returning footfall every day. We found that being able to see something change and grow has been the real draw [no pun intended] for our visitors. Moreover, when you have some big important messages and some intricate detail you need to get across scribing a brilliant way to get people to stand there and digest it," says Tanya Neech, Scania Sustainable Solutions Manager. 

“This campaign has been six months in the making. To capture all that detail and put it in a big montage is why we needed to use Scriberia. We like to think that as a company we have loads of character. Having Scriberia here scribing and showing how creative we have been with our messaging helps us sell other solutions and makes us become more interesting.”

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