Clear comms to serve a 21st century MoD

The work of the army's Land Cyber team is vital but less visible than more traditional forms of deployment. A vision map coupled with an animated explainer has enabled them to share their critical objectives with stakeholders, partners and at all levels of the military.

In today's connected world, the Army's Land Cyber team are working hard to exploit new technologies, and counter new and emerging threats. Their work is vital but less visible than more traditional forms of deployment. 

For the Army, digital connectivity offers new opportunities for making faster, better decisions in the field. But this interconnectivity also brings new threats to our safety, through cyber and software-centric attacks.


The Army’s Land Cyber project aims to integrate people and technology to protect against these threats and adapt to this shifting digital landscape. This technologically savvy arm of the Ministry of Defence to communicate their aims and objectives in a digestible form. And the solution, it turned out, was right under their nose.

Having recently worked with the MOD on their LeTaccis project, our team knew exactly how to communicate this often complex, but vital work to the public in a simple, and shareable way. What’s more, with an illustration style already in place, we were able to visually integrate these projects, bringing the information to life through a mixture of vision mapping and animation. 


Visuals are the perfect tool for a project like this, as they are the quickest and simplest way to convey complex information. Colonel Andrew Percival of MOD explains: “A lot of what we do is invisible so getting the right pictures is critical - it can be really difficult to explain and understand something that you can’t see.
"Before we engaged Scriberia, we'd spent six months trying to visualise it all in-house. We knew it needed to be visual, but we couldn’t land on anything that worked.”

Scriberia co-founder, Chris, held a virtual workshop with the Land Cyber team, and began distilling all of their information into a single image. Our vision mapping process provided a useful space to clarify ideas, unite thinking and put everyone on the same page.

The MOD emerged with a versatile asset for the future - it’s first use: a launchpad from which our animators could put the Land Cyber programme into motion. 

"A lot of what we do is invisible so getting the right pictures is critical. It can be really difficult to explain and understand something that you can’t see."

Colonel Andrew Percival, MOD

Col. Percival highlighted the value of first creating this visual roadmap: “Chris was really adaptable to what we were thinking and any changes we wanted to make. Coming from a completely fresh perspective, Chris' insights were really valuable. And the end result is something that is doing a really great job for us. 

"Our team really enjoyed the process, and it allowed us some free-thinking time with someone who could interpret what we were saying. Sometimes what you’re saying isn’t always what you mean and Chris was able to interpret all of that and give a level of clarity.”


Both the finished vision map and animation are now hosted online for the public to access, acting as the perfect tool to quickly and simply share this complex system. Col. Percival explains: “We’ve created a .gov website to make it as accessible as possible. It was actually the top hit in defence for about two weeks.“I’d certainly recommend Scriberia. The process was incredibly easy and the outcome has been extremely valuable. We had a tight timeframe due to the upcoming end of the financial year, and we were delighted by how quickly and efficiently Scriberia were able to turn it around."

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